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Paramedic Services Chiefs of Saskatchewan – ON2021

Saskatchewan Paramedics Honoured Saskatchewan ground EMS serves the Province with 105 ambulance services, over 250 ambulance units, over 2,200 licensed professionals and they cover a geographical land base of 650,000 square kms and serve a population of 1.2 million residents.  These dedicated practitioners respond to over 130,000 calls a year on average (and closer to 150,000 calls during COVID). Each year, an Emergency Medical Services Provincial Awards Ceremony is held at Government House in Regina to honour recipients of the … Read More

Toronto Paramedic Association News – ON2021

September 30th 2021 was the last day that Dr Rick Verbeek worked as the Medical Director for Toronto Paramedics before he retired. Dr Verbeek was an extremely well liked and respected physician and Medical Director. We will miss his steady presence, support, and guidance, as we all wish him the best in this next chapter of his life. Below is an open letter to Paramedics from Dr Rick Verbeek ‘On my last day as Medical Director I am writing to … Read More

Ontario Paramedic Association – ON2021

OPA Wellness Committee Are you a motivated individual who is passionate about making impactful change? The OPA is seeking participants who are interested in making a difference in the mental health and wellness of the paramedic community to support ongoing initiatives of the OPA Wellness Committee.   The purpose of the OPA Wellness Committee is to empower paramedics with pragmatic tools toward attaining a wellness continuum within the field of paramedicine. This committee has been established by the OPA who … Read More


In recognition of his accomplishments, Dr. Greg Powell, co-founder of STARS, has been awarded the Alberta Order of Excellence (AOE), the highest honour the Province of Alberta can bestow on a citizen. “There’s a surreal sense of ‘how did this happen to me?’ ” said Dr. Powell. “It triggers huge feelings of humility and gratitude to the people who were committed to get something done. I’m blessed to be the person who gets to receive this award on behalf of … Read More


By the time most patients infected with COVID-19 need care from STARS, they are critically ill. They are physically exhausted and can’t breathe on their own. For most, there is no treatment option for our crews but to intubate and prepare them for a mechanical ventilator to take over the job of breathing in an effort to save their lives. “It’s heartbreaking to see how profoundly ill they are,” said Janice Kirkham, clinical operations manager, and flight nurse at the … Read More

EMS World Expo 2021

From Oct 4th to 8th in Atlanta, Georgia, the EMS World expo gathered 4,000 people. Canadian Paramedicine was there to check the latest in prehospital care and new products in the market. The EMS World expo offered the trade show, masterclasses, and conferences from experts in EMS; attendees also enjoyed visiting the Trauma Centre and riding along with the local EMS agency. The sim lab offered experiences like the dissection of a heart and a cadaver lab to practice skills … Read More

Fox Flight – ISO POD: Simple Problem, Complex Solution

When it comes to international medical repatriation, Fox Flight Air Ambulance has dealt with just about every imaginable case over the course of its more than 25 years in business. But when the COVID-19 pandemic essentially shut down the global travel industry in March of 2020, Fox Flight was presented with an unusual challenge. The small Toronto-based company employs a fleet of specially configured Learjets to transport sick and injured patients home from wherever they happen to be in the … Read More

Retirement From Above: 49 Years of Aviation

When compared to ground paramedicine, transport medicine shares certain similarities – both are staffed with paramedics, both provide an exceptional environment for the provision of expert care and both have the goal of transporting patients to definitive care. However, transport medicine is not without its subtle nuances. Facilitating long patient transports in a pressurized tube (at least on the fixed-wing side of life, but we all know our HEMS colleagues are the true heroes in transport medicine), and we rarely … Read More

Of Substance

“Of Substance” is a new set of articles that will deal on the growing Opioid Crisis in Canada. Canadian Paramedicine would like to thank Charlene Vacon for reaching out to us with this proposal and for agreeing to speerhead this important innitiative. Ask any paramedic if Canada is in a drug crisis and they’ll tell you it’s at its worst now. We see what’s happening behind the front doors of quaint cozy homes, closed to most people but calling to … Read More

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