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Someone to watch over me

In rural and remote B.C. communities—many with high rates of chronic disease—paramedics are helping prevent emergencies before they happen. Chris Michel’s job has changed dramatically over the last three years. A longtime paramedic, Michel recently became a community paramedic (CP) and is now also a mentor to other CPs. While his colleagues responded to most emergency calls around Boston Bar, a small town on the steep side of the Fraser Canyon, Michel is focused on helping the area’s 1,000 residents … Read More

New skills for rural and remote paramedics

All paramedics want an expanded scope of practice. Those of us on the frontlines see the deficiencies as measured by the unmet needs of our patients and their families. The needs of our communities and our medical system are not being met either as illustrated by continuing difficulties in recruitment and retention. Change is coming In Australia, the UK, the USA and Canada this change has been underway for quite some time now. Many communities have adopted an Expanded Scope … Read More


My phone is ringing, there is no need to even look at the call display as I know exactly who is calling me and the reason why. “Hi, it’s dispatch. I’m calling to let you know that coverage is not very good right now…” This is a call that I am used to receiving; this is a call that Ontario Paramedic Superintendents and Shift Commanders are used to receiving. I quickly run through a status report with the communications supervisor … Read More

ON2019 – Editorial

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Oct./Nov. issue of Canadian Paramedicine. The editorial focus for this issue is Rural and Remote Paramedicine. Full disclosure … this is a topic that is of particular interest and importance to me. I grew up in a very rural East Central Alberta farming community, and after a 20-year hiatus living in Calgary, I’ve been a rural resident again, living in Drumheller, AB for the last 19 years. As such, I am acutely aware of the … Read More