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Peel Paramedic Association – JAN2022

Matchbox Ambulances The PPA and Peel Regional Paramedic Services stopped by a few hospitals within the region to drop off some of our custom Matchbox Ambulances for the kids. A special thanks to Mattel for making this a reality. Movember Believed to be the first of its kind in Canada, the PPA and Peel Regional Paramedic Services kicked off its Movember campaign revealing this Movember Ambulance. Paramedics across the region raised funds to bring awareness to men’s cancers below the … Read More

Waterloo Region Association of Professional Paramedics – JAN2022

Carol of the Bells From all of us at the Waterloo Region Association of Professional Paramedics & the Region of Waterloo Paramedic Services we wish you a safe and happy holiday season! WRAPP Display Check out WRAPP’s Winter display at Waterloo Park, kicking off the festive season! Keep Reading from this Edition

Simcoe County Paramedic Association – JAN2022

Toy Drive Simcoe County Paramedic Association in partnership with the County of Simcoe Paramedic Service and the County of Simcoe, launched its annual Toy Drive, sending volunteers out across the County to collect toys, food and cash donations in support of the community. In its 19th year, the residents of the County and many organizations generously donated food, cash and toys, supporting the dire needs of the food banks and providing many children with some Christmas cheer. Thanks to the … Read More

Toronto Paramedic Association – JAN2022

Toronto Paramedic Association Annual Movember Campaign a Great Success in 2021 This fall, Eden Rosenberg and Brian Annett sold Movember hats to contribute to the Toronto Paramedic Movember team. It was a great success and they raised over $12,000 Once again Toronto Paramedics put their lips on the line to promote Men’s Health by way of Movember! They ‘grew’ strong, in an effort to fight Men’s Cancers as well as for Mental Health. Paramedics know 1st hand that mental health … Read More

Ontario Paramedic Association – JAN2022

North City Makes Donation to Feed Ontario on Behalf of Ontario Paramedics More than half a million people visit food banks in Ontario every year. A number hard to imagine, especially as we move through the holiday season. To help families get back on their feet, North City Insurance Brokers provided a donation of $1,000 to Feed Ontario on behalf of all paramedics in Ontario. Feed Ontario secures fresh and healthy food sources, to drive change through policy research and … Read More

EMS takes part in largest coordinated patient move in AHS history

For many of us, moving involves some boxes, bubble wrap, maybe some friends, and a truck. But when it comes to relocating an entire hospital, there are considerations most of us could never dream of. Well before sunrise on the morning of December 4th, 2021 in the northern Alberta city of Grande Prairie, Alberta Health Services (AHS) launched the largest coordinated patient move in the organization’s history, beginning the delicate task of relocating about a hundred patients from the old … Read More

Paramedics providing palliative care: Understanding family as the first responders

Eighty percent of Canadians choose home as their preferred place of death. (1) However, only about 30% have their wish granted. (2) Regardless of where they die, people facing progressive life-limiting illnesses spend many of their declining months at home. The typical phenotype of a person being cared for at home has one or more advanced non-curable conditions, wants to avoid the ER or hospitalizations, and is being cared for by their informal care team, ‘their family.’ Over the years, … Read More

Epigenetics- Implications for Mental Health

Epigenetics is the field of study concerned with cellular variations triggered by external and environmental factors that toggle genes “on” and “off”. The changes occur in the phenotype of genetic expression without associated changes in the DNA sequence or genotype. The term “epigenetic” was coined by biologist C.H. Waddington in the 1940s in an effort to describe how “growing cells acquire and maintain their identity through changing developmental stages” [1]. Considered for a moment muscle cells, once differentiated, they continue … Read More

The Effects of Early Attachment and Environment on Substance Use Disorders

The term “disorder” is more medically accurate than “addiction” and helps to signify substance use disorders as a legitimate medical condition. Its use is only appropriate in cases where the individual meets the conditions required for diagnosis of a substance use disorder specified in DSM-V. Substance use disorders can be diagnosed according to severity (low, moderate or severe). The term “addiction” has historically been adopted to describe the severe end of substance use disorders. Many substances and behaviors can become … Read More

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