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Interview with Panagiotis

Guest Post from ICRC This article is a reprint from INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS. It was originally published on their website and you can access it by clicking here. × Dismiss alert A first-aider and a diplomat How do you set up an emergency medical system in a country like Somalia? Panagiotis Ioannidis has been a first aid and pre-hospital emergency care delegate for the ICRC in Somalia for the past 17 months. In this interview he tells … Read More


The Ontario Paramedic Association is responsible for promoting the practice of Paramedicine and ensuring the highest level of care for our patients. We are leaders in the advancement of Paramedicine and achieve our objectives through public awareness, research and education. We lobby for self-regulation under the Regulated Health Professions Act. We also assist in fundraising for community-based charities. The Ontario Paramedic Association is a proud chapter of the Paramedic Association of Canada. The Ontario Paramedic Association (OPA) is not a labour union. Become … Read More

Disaster at Home GlobalMedic’s Canadian COVID-19 Response

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, GlobalMedic has been supporting Canadians across the nation by providing critical aid to those that need it most. Assistance has been provided to hospitals, shelters, food banks, and other organizations that have been severely overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic. For the duration of this time one thing has remained constant, GlobalMedic’s mandate to ensure that the right aid gets to the right people at the right time. GlobalMedic is an emergency response organization based out of … Read More

Addiction Through a Compassionate Lens

The current status of the opioid crisis as a health issue has and continues to leave its mark on communities here, at home and abroad. As noted by Dr. Gabor Maté[1], public alarm around addiction has “focused almost exclusively on drugs” (1). Addiction[2] is said to cut “a much broader swath across our culture” (1). The truth of the matter is, most addicted people use no drugs at all; addiction cannot truly be understood if, as a society, we constrain … Read More

Preceptor Principles: Experience as a Teacher

Preceptor Principles: Experience as a Teacher So about two weeks ago I was at home and I found myself sitting on my couch channel surfing a little bit. This was actually a bit unusual for me as I normally have plenty of interests and hobbies to keep me occupied. I guess I was in real need of some down time because I was mindlessly flipping between channels when I came across a new documentary involving the U.S. military. The big … Read More

Split (online) personalities: can paramedics separate their personal and professional personas?

The debate on defining health professionalism is at its peak as both generational and gender divides clash in ever-more-public forums. As young paramedics increase their presence on social media to advocate on public health issues, or for social justice, top medical organizations continue to recommend the separation of personal and professional social media accounts. While paramedic schools integrate “advocacy” training into their curricula and competency checklists, EMS organisations often advise clinicians not to speak out except through official public relations teams. … Read More

Paramedic Preceptor – Teacher and Evaluator

Paramedic Preceptor: Teacher and Evaluator The paramedic preceptor is a significant factor in how and what students learn during practicum placements. Paramedic preceptors are considered both teachers and evaluators for the student1 within the paramedicine clinical education model2. This signature pedagogical approach3 is considered the primary point of connection between theory and practice for students where preceptors have the unique opportunity to transition the student from the controlled classroom environment to the chaos of practice. It is in this space … Read More

Paramedic Wellbeing series Part 1: You are what you eat

You Are What You Eat There are a range of health factors that impact paramedics across their career with paramedic wellbeing can be linked to mental, emotional and physical health. The Paramedic Wellbeing series will contain some simple strategies to enhance eating, sleeping, mindset and exercise to assist paramedics not just survive but to hopefully thrive. Introduction Paramedics work long and often extended shifts that can involve unpredictable meal opportunities. This type of shift work influences the obtainability of food, … Read More

AS2021 – Guest Editorial

These past two months have been action-packed for us at Canadian Paramedicine. You are not only our readers but also our stakeholders in this adventure. Because of you, we continue to be in business and will continue to do so for many more decades to come. We’ve already begun to plan some of the content for the 50th anniversary! We have always been listening to our readers; however, it’s time for us to take a step back and review how … Read More