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Women in Paramedicine 2020 – Image Collage

Christina Backlin Paige Mason FearlessFaces_BenderJodi TeresaCoulter Janine Engelhardt A.M Panel LeeAnn Osler Jennifer Larre Palms on Glass-full image Rose, Star of Life FearlessFaces_PascuzzoKathy Laura Hirello – Pride Cheryl Cameron Melissa Ade P.M Panel Jill Allan FearlessFaces_MunroJade KathleenFraser Polly Ford Jones Jennifer Sturgeon Olivia by Teresa Coulter Jan Hiebert Cindy_S Dara Bowie Krista Remeshylo John Streukens ExploreYourVoice FearlessFaces_AntonKristina Lindsey Boechler Erica Olson Selena Letain Joleyne Mayers Jaekel Angela Sereda Dr. Verna Yiu JennyVanNistelrooy Madison Brydges Jacqueline Messer-Lepage Katrina Scaife Paige Mason … Read More

PCPs Evolving Career Path In Research

By Jennifer Sturgeon, Laura Hirello, Polly Ford-Jones, Madison Brydges and Cheryl Cameron In many paramedic services and across the profession, there are limited opportunities for career advancement or role diversification without an advanced care paramedic designation. However, as the profession grows, more primary care paramedics (PCPs) are defining new career pathways. In this article, we hear from four women in paramedicine who have found the world of research. Although their career path and current roles are different, they have one … Read More

A Pocket Full Of Change

By Janine Engelhardt One thing I have learned over the years is that life seems to change almost every day. This has certainly been evident to most of us in 2020! Some of us hear the word “change” and run the other direction; some of us may say “tell me more” and others may say “it’s about time!” Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, has been quoted as saying that “everything is constantly changing.” (1) When reflecting on a work environment, change … Read More

EMS WIL WRG… Say What?

By Jenny Van Nistelrooy and Kathleen Fraser In late 2019, Alberta Health Services (AHS) established an EMS Women in Leadership (WIL) Workforce Resource Group (WRG). This article will describe the purposes and objectives of a WRG and outline some of the issues that we plan to tackle in our local context. In case you are wondering how to create a WRG, we will outline the steps we’ve taken to launch this initiative, as well as future plans to build sustainability. … Read More

Women Of Paramedicine Leadership Summit

By Melissa Ade On November 6, 2019, the inaugural Women of Paramedicine Leadership Summit was held in Edmonton, Alberta, created and coordinated by the Paramedic Pay It Forward Award and Women of Paramedic Leadership. Seventy-six participants attended this full-day summit which included inspiring speakers, small group workshop discussions, opportunities for networking, and showcased a handful of our paramedic colleague’s diverse journey’s to leadership within paramedicine. The event was made possible by funding from the Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism and the … Read More

Individually Strong, Collectively Influential

By Angela Sereda Paramedicine in Saskatchewan is in an exciting period where growth and leadership for female practioners is on the rise, and while women remain individually strong we are also collectively influential towards one another and within paramedicine today. Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally; success comes from what you do consistently. Women today in paramedicine have continually demonstrated significant leadership within their sectors, and through their actions and voices they have transformed how paramedicine is regarded … Read More

Change The Narrative

By Georgette Eaton This issue of Canadian Paramedicine raises different voices. Voices that have, historically, not dominated paramedicine. Last year’s inaugural issue sought to raise awareness of the inequity of gender within our profession, and bigger rifts for underrepresented groups who identify as non-binary, BME or with a disability. In this issue, these voices call for action. These narratives are important, as are the way in which they are constructed. Doubtless, some of these narratives will deal with values, ideals, … Read More

Healthy Minds In EMS

By Erica Olson, Katrina Scaife, Dr. John Streukens “On getting help, cultural competence, and common questionsabout mental health support answered by EMS Psychologists.” Lying awake in bed, you seek sleep which comes in unreliable and unpredictable spurts. Disrupted by dreams, thoughts, memories, and an ongoing pervasive tension incompatible with rest.  You know how much sleep hygiene matters and keep a dark, quiet, cool room, reserving the bedroom for only sex and sleep. Despite that knowledge, you’ve noticed you’re using the … Read More

Voices Of Change: Impressions From The Profession

By: Teresa Coulter, Aimee Astick, Adrienne Renton “Olivia” by Teresa Coulter My current project, “Olivia” is an oil painting on canvas representing 5 female figures. Olivia is the subject who I collaborated with for this painting. It is a reminder of the many roles we step in to. From pulling our hair up to jump into action, to getting down on the ground to hold c-spine. Paying honour, and respect, to our comrade and their family at all times, handing … Read More

Diversity Champion Program

By Paige Mason BA MA(c), Jill Allan BSc BEd BA, Dara Bowie BA Diversity and Inclusion – Not Just Buzzwords Diversity is about every single person, each unique with different strengths borne from life experiences, education, personality type, socio-economic status and many other factors. Inclusion is about creating an environment where such strengths are celebrated and everyone can be their authentic self while feeling their views and work are valued.[1] While we all tend to believe we are open-minded, unconsciously … Read More

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