National Air Ambulance Week 2020

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Let’s meet Jake.

Jake is an avid cyclist who likes to go for rides early in the morning between the different towns in Saskatchewan.

One day while on his ride a deer runs in front of him and he swerves his bike to avoid it, crashing into a post on the side of the road. He is thrown off his bike and lands on the pavement with a broken femur, a broken wrist and serious head trauma. His day is not looking very good anymore.

The ambulance that arrives quickly diagnoses him and calls in air support from the local Air Ambulance Service who arrive shortly after and fly him to Saskatoon to be treated in the corresponding hospital. A few days later, Jake is out of the hospital and back to his family at home.

There are thousands of stories like this each year. Victims with serious trauma that are stabilized on scene and then air lifted to a hospital are saved because of the existence of Air Ambulance Services everywhere. In order to remember them and to thank them, we have National Air Ambulance Week. A full week to remember these brave men and women without who victims all over the world would not be saved or properly cared for.

Our research shows around 30 air ambulance companies operate in the whole of Canada for all its provinces, the largest two being ORNGE with 12 bases across Canada and STARS with 6 bases.

To read more about these two Non-profit companies you should head on over to their website and support them in social media and by donating to their cause.

What STARS is doing… Rescue On the Island

STARS air ambulance service is currently running a “rescue operation” of two business men and one business woman on an island near Manitoba. The objective of this mission is for each of the participants to raise $50,000 for them to be rescued. In order for that to happen they must rely only on their cellphones to reach their goals. Once they reach their goal a STARS helicopter will rescue them and be flown back to civilization. You can read more about this mission on their official website and also donate to their rescue cause.

Alejandro Olryd

Alejandro Olryd

Basic EMT based in Mexico City with over 15 years of experience in the field.

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