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Paramedic Services Week (May 23-29)

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario Paramedics have demonstrated the ability to adapt to the needs of our communities by providing front line services in many contexts of the health care system.

Ontario Paramedics have taken on additional responsibilities through COVID Assessment Centres, Vaccination Strike Teams, Community Paramedic Teams and Long-Term Care settings.

In addition to 9-1-1 calls, paramedics have also provided critical care to patients who needed to be safely distributed between hospitals in order to support surge capacity efforts throughout the province.

Whatever the need, Ontario Paramedics have displayed their capability, skill, and expertise to bridge gaps in health care in a way that puts patients and communities first.

Paramedics are proud to provide high quality clinical care to more than 1.75 million patients every year and the Ontario Paramedic Association thanks Ontarians for doing their part to help us over the last year.

Premier’s Message to Ontario Paramedics during Paramedic Services Week

Premier Doug Ford would like to extend warm greetings to all of our paramedics and support staff across Ontario, the Ontario Paramedic Association and everyone celebrating Paramedic Services Week. Thank you for all that you do.

Service Week
Service Week


The Political Action Fund was created by paramedics, for paramedics. It is a professional and financially-backed advocacy effort to generate real change at provincial and municipal levels of government. Log into your chapter website to support us.


The Ontario Paramedic Association’s Paramedic Legal Protection covers the following:

  • On-Duty Criminal Defense ($100,000)
  • Driver’s License Protection ($100,000)
  • Contract Disputes ($100,000)
  • Property Protection ($100,000)
  • Employment Disputes ($100,000)
  • Fault Determination & Total Loss Valuation Disputes ($100,000)
  • Statutory Accident Benefits ($100,000)
  • Driving Other Vehicles ($100,000)
  • Bodily Injury ($100,000)
  • Tax Protection ($100,000)
  • Unlimited Legal Advice

NOTE: Aggregate limit per annual period ($500,000)


Pride Month

Celebrating Pride with our workforce is a year-round activity and doesn’t need to be limited to Pride month in June. We as a team will continue to Prioritize LGBTQ+ inclusion and create programs to support diversity in your organization because these are important ways to support employees and embrace diversity and inclusion as an employer. This also allows us to speak about being part of the LGBTQ+ community and serve patients who identify as LGBTQ+.  

I believe diverse perspectives drive innovation, creativity and foster a belief among employees that our opinions matter, which encourages us to give our best effort.

Pride is important because we are making forward changes in behaviours fostered by Pride that increases how often we as employees and employers tell people that the Region of Peel is a great place to work, which includes that we encourage being respectful to one another with diversity and inclusivity. Doing this together, we as Paramedics become brand ambassadors to the community that we serve.  

This year Kaley and I decided to reach out to our Chief with an idea to support our LGBTQ+ staff and the community that we so humbly serve. Chief Dundas graciously was on part with this fantastic idea. The funds we raise with developing Pride Support Epaulets are going directly to an organization in Toronto called “Friends of Ruby.”  

These funds raised by us all help this organization that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and two-spirit youth through counselling, housing, practical assistance, and multiple other activities. We are helping to make a being who you are acceptable, where those that need it can get help.  This is very imperative for young people because they have a place that they can go to so they can feel safe. We have so much work to do, but I know that if we keep talking and showing our Pride, we can make our world and, most importantly, our country that we live, work, and play in an inclusive and safe place for everyone!  

 On behalf of Kaley and myself, thank you to everyone that continues to show Pride and wearing your epaulets.  

By: Elvis T. Silva 


Paramedic Services Week Update, May 2021

Paramedic Services Week + A Provincial Stay-At-Home order

= not being able to host the in-person events we wanted.

= an opportunity to embrace the challenge, collaborate with others and honour Paramedic Services employees for the work they do

The PPA may not have been able to host the events we wanted during Paramedics Services Week at the end of May.  But that is okay.  We made do.  No guests at our Sunrise Ceremony, no family event, no appreciation BBQ, no Awards Gala.  Instead, there was food, lots of food, delivered every day to our Reporting Stations. 

Through an amazing collaboration with Peel Regional Paramedic Services, OPSEU L277, and the Peel Benevolent Fund; The Peel Paramedic Association was able to help facilitate the delivery of sandwiches, burrito salad bowls, full meals, samosas and so much more for individuals on shift during the week.   We were also able to engage families by mailing out the Peel Paramedic Services Activity Book to children of staff. 

The PPA would like to thank PPA Board Member Alex Mordfield, Union Steward Megan Walsh, PRPS Media/Community Relations Officer Brad Bowie, PRPS, and OPSEU L277, for their generous contributions of time and/or funds to the Week.  Additionally, thank you to all the volunteers, supervisory staff, and others who helped with the logistics.  It takes a team of people to make the delivery of up to 300 individual meals to four different locations, in two cities, over a three-hour period a possibility. 

At the same time, thank you to our Community Partners.  Without you, this would not have happened.  Thank you for the donations, the support, and/or the willingness to deliver large quantities of food in a short period of time.  Additionally, thank you to North City Insurance for their support of the PPA’s Membership Initiative.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  A list of sponsors is below:

  • Paramount Fine Foods and their sponsor Pallett Valo LLP
  • Club Coffee
  • La Villa Bakery
  • The Aklu Family
  • Kettleman’s Bagel
  • A1 Catering
  • Tinnel Pattie, Brampton
  • Vanilla Bourbon Boutique
  • Elle Dee Cakes
  • Gino’s Pizza
  • Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing
  • Burrito Boyz, Dixie and Eglinton
  • Guru Energy Drink
  • Tune Out Masks
  • Ultimate Dining Cards
  • GTA Softee
  • North City Insurance

Finally, Thank you to ALL the Paramedic Services staff who are there when needed:

  • Out in the Community 
  • Within our Organization.  

We may not have been able to meet in person this year, hopefully we will next year.  In the meantime:  Thank you.  You are appreciated. 

–Peel Paramedic Association

Food and Beverage Delivery throughout the Week:

Sunrise Ceremony, Honouring and Remembering those we have lost too soon.

PPAO logo grieving

We have evolved
Remember screens that were not flat? Communication Centres have come a long way and there is still a long way to go. Let’s celebrate all dispatchers and call-takers  and – being the PPAO – especially all Ambulance Communication Officer’s during National Public Safety Telecommunications Week.

From opening day to now
More than 10 years ago the OCACC (Ottawa Central Ambulance Communications Centre) opened its doors at the location right next to the paramedic headquarters and a lot has changed since.

The screens – although already flat ten years ago – have been exchanged and the highly anticipated new CAD (computer aided dispatch) 5 system will soon be a reality in Ottawa as well.

Less code 4s is only one of the changes the implementation of the Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) should bring. This is the new software which is due to replace the now used Dispatch Priority Card Index (DPCI)

MPDS is an widely used and evidence based system that allows the call-takers to more accurately determine the response necessary for each patient..

Chop chop!
Mouthwatering deals. Chop Steakhouse & Bar are offering a 30% discount off Phone-in Pickup orders (food only). No online or third party (Skip, door dash etc) orders if you want the discount.

Select bottles of wine are 50% off too!

At the same address:

Sandman Hotelgroup is committed to working with Emergency Services during this challenging time to provide a clean and safe environment during the COVID-19 crisis. the following properties and rates are available until June 30, 2021 for all medical staff, health authorities, police, paramedics Emergency Social Services, Red Cross, fire deparments and border services.

You can contact the hotel in your area directly to book emergency accommodation.

Rates at both Sandman Ottawa Locations are:

  • $ 60/daily

  • $ 420/weekly

  • $ 1600/monthly

For Group Inquiries and special circumstances please contact:

Steeve Levesque, Sales Manager


There are many more great deals for paramedics out there. Time to log in to check them out and update your profile at the same time. You can do so here:

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the HELP fund keeps helping. At your side when grieving loved ones, dealing with lives’ blows as well as welcoming babies. (mourning logo, picture of Jason Peck)

Mental Health Week

The peer support is growing and here are some resources where you can find help: (add peer support brochure)


The Paramedic Services Chiefs of Saskatchewan  (PSCS) had the honour of presenting four paramedics and medical first responders with 2020 Saskatchewan Protective Services medals recently.  The Government of Saskatchewan presents these medals annually in two large provincial ceremonies.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ceremonies for 2020 were cancelled.  PSCS was asked to present our member recipients with their medals in smaller private ceremonies. 

The recipients of the 2020 Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal are:

  • Jim Cheyne, ICP with Saskatchewan Health Authority – Outlook EMS
  • Duane Doane, PCP with Hutch Ambulance Swift Current
  • Allison Irivine, Medical First Responder in Shellbrook
  • Darren Russell, PCP with Parkland Ambulance Care Ltd. in Prince Albert

Established in 2003, the Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal recognizes exemplary long service for individuals working in a direct capacity to protect people and/or property, and supervisory personnel in the public service sectors who ensure the safety, security and protection of Saskatchewan citizens. These individuals set high standards and strive for excellence in their duties so everyone in Saskatchewan can live safe and secure lives. The Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal honours protective services providers and focuses attention on the efforts and work of police, fire and emergency professionals, and others working in the field of safety and security.  Recipients of the Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal must be personnel with 25 years of service in Saskatchewan and actively employed in one of the eligible agencies on or after January 1, 2003, who have law enforcement powers, or work in safety services and professions whose work is directly related to the safety, security and protection of people.


Women in Paramedicine

Women in Paramedicine

Women in Paramedicine is compromised of dozens of women in the paramedical field across Canada. Since 2019, they have been sharing their research, point of view, thoughts, and strength to Canadian Paramedicine through their voice and words.

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