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We have all been taught one way of doing things, and a few years later, we are told there is an update in the protocol and that things are now done differently. It is part of being a paramedic, and it is part of our responsibility to continue learning.
Paramedicine is a science that has been evolving over the last decades to help guarantee that our patients have the best care and the best possibilities of surviving with a good quality of life. Magazines like Canadian Paramedicine have helped mould the paramedicine community in more ways than one and has undoubtedly been responsible for waking up the curious side in many of our community about how to improve our skills and what new technologies are being used.
Part of becoming better as professionals and as a community is learning from what the past has left. It comes from studying our actions and decisions and, especially, our patients’ outcomes.
With these thoughts in mind, we have the privilege to continue the magazine that Lyle has helped shape over the past 30 years. The cover artwork for this magazine is a tribute to him and shows the first magazine published under his wing. It is also a way of recognizing and thanking him for his hard work.
Moving forward, we plan to grow with the paramedicine community and continue helping that growth by keeping in tradition with what Lyle has done so effectively during his tenure with Canadian Paramedicine.
We want to take the opportunity to thank all of our readers, contributors, advertisers and subscribers for making Canadian Paramedicine what it is today and also for the opportunity to continue growing together.
Furthermore, like at the end of any long and successful ambulance shift, we take over the rig and steer it towards a new decade, promising an exciting future ahead.

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Gil Maraboto

Gil Maraboto

Gilbert is an ACP working in Wakaw, Sk, a small town in the prairies. Before moving here, he worked for Mexico City EMS as a Paramedic. Gil obtained a physics from the University of Mexico. He has always been interested in research and science; he enjoys motorcycle road trips and video games.

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