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JAN22 – Editorial

2021 was a year more relaxed than 2020; however, we still had to go under restrictions on and off and on again; mask on and off, vaccines and boosters and a booster for the booster. And when we thought that we made it, the virus, being a virus, mutated and threatened to put us on square one again.

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I know that there are people in favour of vaccines, others that do not trust the vaccines, some others did not even think that a new coronavirus exists, also the ones that the survival of the fittest should be the rule to follow. But like it or not, believe it or not, conspiracy or not, something changed, and we are part of history; we will be mentioned in 2120 history books when the next pandemic hits, maybe then they will make fun of our actions against a virus, or about how we managed other diseases, like how we injected us with radioactive poison to cure cancer when the only thing you need is a quick reading of the tricorder and an injection with the hypospray.

Let’s get the best from the pandemic; let the past year and years be a teachable moment and find where we can improve. Some other lines of business made changes that before covid was not even an option like working from home or curbside pick up, etc. I know we can’t work from home, even some of our calls are curbside pick-ups, there always a lesson to learn from anything, I would say that in our profession would be maybe doing a better ambulance cleaning to prevent the spread of infections, wear PPE to more calls even “it’s not required,” do not forget that there is a student with you that shift before leaving the scene…, you know minor details.

Anyways, from all of us at Canadian Paramedicine, we want to thank every one of you for another year of support. Thank you to the readers, advertisers, associations, and collaborators. Thank you to all of you interested in research, in making our profession more professional. Without people like you, we will still be ambulance drivers with no more knowledge than driving to the scene and to the nearest hospital as fast as possible.

Thanks to all our predecessors who had a vision of doing more and making early interventions that would make a difference in a patient outcome, thank you to all of us that we are here to continue the job, improve what we do, and tach new generations.

I don’t know when the world will be “normal.” Still, I always say: expect the best but prepare for the worst; so let’s get ready to expect a better 2022, where our activities go back as usual that we can ditch the facemasks, the boosters and the restrictions; however, let’s prepare for 2020 too, or 2020 two…you got the idea.

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