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In March 2020, Canada and most of the world started protocols and measures to stop the new pandemic; this year was the new coronavirus. The world faced other respiratory pandemics before, like the AH1N1, or different types of pandemics like HIV and even the Evola threat a few years ago.

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We are two years into the covid-19 pandemic, and it seems like it could be the end; most countries at the federal and local levels are relaxing the rules and restrictions for travel and public places.  Last summer, some provinces lifted some restrictions to bring it back later that winter because of the mutations; by the end of 2021, a new variant was discovered, and it seems that we would have another 2020 again. Gladly this new mutation was softer than the predecessors, and most of the population is vaccinated, making the infection, in theory, mild.

Since the start of the global pandemic, some people believed that it was a mild cold, or maybe an intense cold, some others thought that was the worst deadly infection in recent history; there also the conspiracy theories about how the virus started and if it was on purpose or if it came from a market and spread by mistake.  Regardless of the origin, existence, or part of the Illuminati for the new order, we had to take measures that some people liked while others hated it.

Most health workers now must wear a mask when with a patient, and, in my case, the patient also must wear a mask while under our care. It’s hard to say if that measure works to prevent the spreading in the setting because you will need someone who only lived and interacted exclusively with the patient. And have absolutely no contact with the outside world. Otherwise, you could catch the virus outside the work setting. I noticed I got less sick than in previous years; I usually got a respiratory illness at least two times per year, and the symptoms lasted for months; however, for the past two years, I got sick once only with very mild symptoms.  Again, I can’t guarantee that was only because I was wearing masks and cleaning my hands more often because I became more active and ate better, so my immune system was also more robust. So in my personal opinion, the mask worked and prevented not only covid-19 but other respiratory illnesses that the patient transmitted to us or from us to the patient.

Regardless of everything else, we can only hope the lift of the restrictions is more permanent this time. We can go back to normal and stop dividing ourselves between maskers and anti-masker and vaccinated versus anti-vaxers; sadly, the world will divide now into pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian.

I read somewhere on social media: “if Russia stops fighting, there will be no war; if Ukraine stops fighting, there will be no more Ukraine.” 

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