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DJ2020 – Editorial

Welcome to the December/January issue of Canadian Paramedicine. Along with our regular features and general content articles, this issue contains special articles on paramedic mental wellness and resiliency. This is an important topic for everyone in the profession and we will publish more articles on it in future issues.

I recently received a good e-mail from Steven George, one of the magazine’s international readers, who asked about the possibility of delivering the e-version of the magazine via an app in the future. Others have asked this question during the planning phase for the conversion to an e-publication, as well as since. For the benefit of others wondering about the possibility of an app for the magazine, I have printed Steven’s e-mail below, along with my response to him.

Thank you for asking CP subscribers to submit any comments on the electronic version of the magazine. I have depended on the electronic version to read the magazine for the past three years (but I still preferred the e-version when I lived in Canada to minimize environmental impact with paper wastage). I think it is great that CP offers the electronic version and I will continue my subscription to the e-version rather than the paper version.

My suggestion is that the e-version is not overly user-friendly, and the web-based “live-view” version needs an active connection to the internet, and the download feature only downloads a PDF version. An e-book-style version would be more user-friendly, such as Kindle or Apple Books or several other e-book apps which are purpose-designed to read on an iPhone or iPad offline without a WIFI connection, rather than using Adobe Acrobat.

I am sure using these e-book versions would add additional cost to the subscription and may not be feasible at this time, and I am pleased to still have the ability to download the PDF version to read offline, but it is my suggestion to improve the e-version in the future by introducing an app to read it if at all possible.

Thank you for taking my suggestion into consideration,

Steven George

Canadian ACP Expat currently living and working in Qatar, Middle East

Hello Steven … Thanks for your comments. I appreciate receiving them.

I considered delivering the e-version via an app when I was planning to discontinue the paper version and produce only the e-version. I held off for a few reasons. One, as you noted, is cost. Other factors involved were that I didn’t know if the e-version would prove successful and viable, so I wanted to let it prove itself before sinking the cost of developing an app into the venture. I know that there are off-the-shelf apps that I could utilize that would reduce cost, but for the most part I would be tied to that app developer for delivery of the e-version. I don’t want to be handcuffed like that. Plus, I would prefer to develop my own app so that would be tailored to what readers and I want to see in it. Which leads to a final obstacle … I didn’t really know what I wanted for features and functionality in an app, so I figured I’d sort that out by starting with the style we did and learn along the way.

So far the e-version seems to be quite received, but we’re only six months into the transition. If that continues though, introduction of an app to host and deliver it is certainly a possibility in the future, whether that’s an off-the-shelf or a tailor made app.

Thanks again for sending your comments.

Lyle Blumhagen, Publisher

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