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Covid-19 Announcement

First of all, bless each and every paramedic and the people who support their efforts in battling the Covid-19 pandemic. Forget Marvel … you are the world’s true super heroes. That goes for all heath care, public safety and security personnel, as well as people working to keep grocery stores and pharmacies open, and supply chains running. Be safe.

Considering the overwhelming stress paramedics are under, I am temporarily suspending publication of Canadian Paramedicine. The information we have to present in our April/May issue does not directly support the pandemic battle, nor is the magazine positioned to present supportive information in a timely manner that other agencies are not already doing a much better job of. Not to mention that the magazine’s authors and readers do not have time to write articles or read them at this time.

For my part, my wife is an ER charge nurse, our daughter is a teacher who is being tasked with trying to invent a virtual classroom on the fly for her grade 4 students, and our daughter-in-law is a social worker who is a manager for a family counseling organization. The importance of their work far outweighs what I do, so I will be devoting my time and energy to supporting them in whatever way I can. That is my priority and where I feel I can best do my part.

May all of you and your loved ones be well. This is war and you are our frontline. See you on the other side.

Lyle Blumhagen

Publisher, Canadian Paramedicine Magazine

Canadian Paramedicine

Canadian Paramedicine

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