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FM2021 – Editorial

In the beginning, our ancestors were ambulance drivers. They would load and go with no skills, except maybe for one: drive fast to deliver the precious cargo at the hospital as quickly as you can. Later the job started to be regulated, the schools accredited, and more skilled providers were on the streets. For reasons that I do not know, different levels were created, from EMT-B to Paramedic, and many more came later. I imagine that more are yet come. … Read More

Our Crews are Prepared Amid Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty to Western Canadians for many months. At STARS, you should know we remain committed to being there for the next patient who needs us. One of our crew members leading the effort to ensure we provide uninterrupted care is Dr. Jamin Mulvey, a transport physician. Dr. Mulvey pointed to an organization-wide effort to ensure necessary policies, procedures and supplies are in place. “We have good resources, adequate supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE), and … Read More

World Mental Health Day

This year’s World Mental Health Day falls on a moment where the entire planet’s style of life has changed considerably as a result of COVID-19. We’ve all had to adapt to the many facets this virus has gone through. Starting with a complete unknown of how it worked, leading to a full lockdown of many countries’ liberties and reaching a new “normality” in different parts of the world, as the media has called it. At first, the greatest threat this … Read More

Crisis: A note to the new medics

By: Robin Young A non-EMS work acquaintance of mine went out on a ride along recently to observe the local paramedic service in action and bring those experiences back into the classroom. She was surprised at how many persons in crisis her paramedic crew had to see during their shift, the intensity of some of the crises and how the crew effectively dealt with each one in a very short period of time. Working in paramedicine is the ultimate school … Read More

Women in Paramedicine 2020 – Image Collage

Christina Backlin Paige Mason FearlessFaces_BenderJodi TeresaCoulter Janine Engelhardt A.M Panel LeeAnn Osler Jennifer Larre Palms on Glass-full image Rose, Star of Life FearlessFaces_PascuzzoKathy Laura Hirello – Pride Cheryl Cameron Melissa Ade P.M Panel Jill Allan FearlessFaces_MunroJade KathleenFraser Polly Ford Jones Jennifer Sturgeon Olivia by Teresa Coulter Jan Hiebert Cindy_S Dara Bowie Krista Remeshylo John Streukens ExploreYourVoice FearlessFaces_AntonKristina Lindsey Boechler Erica Olson Selena Letain Joleyne Mayers Jaekel Angela Sereda Dr. Verna Yiu JennyVanNistelrooy Madison Brydges Jacqueline Messer-Lepage Katrina Scaife Paige Mason … Read More

PCPs Evolving Career Path In Research

By Jennifer Sturgeon, Laura Hirello, Polly Ford-Jones, Madison Brydges and Cheryl Cameron In many paramedic services and across the profession, there are limited opportunities for career advancement or role diversification without an advanced care paramedic designation. However, as the profession grows, more primary care paramedics (PCPs) are defining new career pathways. In this article, we hear from four women in paramedicine who have found the world of research. Although their career path and current roles are different, they have one … Read More

A Pocket Full Of Change

By Janine Engelhardt One thing I have learned over the years is that life seems to change almost every day. This has certainly been evident to most of us in 2020! Some of us hear the word “change” and run the other direction; some of us may say “tell me more” and others may say “it’s about time!” Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, has been quoted as saying that “everything is constantly changing.” (1) When reflecting on a work environment, change … Read More

EMS WIL WRG… Say What?

By Jenny Van Nistelrooy and Kathleen Fraser In late 2019, Alberta Health Services (AHS) established an EMS Women in Leadership (WIL) Workforce Resource Group (WRG). This article will describe the purposes and objectives of a WRG and outline some of the issues that we plan to tackle in our local context. In case you are wondering how to create a WRG, we will outline the steps we’ve taken to launch this initiative, as well as future plans to build sustainability. … Read More

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