I Never Saw It Coming

In 2019 I had a very unexpected and unwanted visit from P.T.S.D. I say unexpected because I did not realize at the time what was happening. There I was making my way through day-to-day life the same as we all do until suddenly, I wasn’t. I was at a dead stop. I couldn’t focus. I wasn’t functioning. I wasn’t living. I was just … still. As a hobby writer I tend to write many thoughts and stories down anyways and … Read More

Paramedic Wellbeing series Part 1: You are what you eat

You Are What You Eat There are a range of health factors that impact paramedics across their career with paramedic wellbeing can be linked to mental, emotional and physical health. The Paramedic Wellbeing series will contain some simple strategies to enhance eating, sleeping, mindset and exercise to assist paramedics not just survive but to hopefully thrive. Introduction Paramedics work long and often extended shifts that can involve unpredictable meal opportunities. This type of shift work influences the obtainability of food, … Read More

New Study Will Examine Covid-19 Impact On Paramedics In Bc And Ontario

Submitted by BCEHS and the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences With more than 30 years on the job, BC paramedic specialist Brian Twaites has seen just about everything. He’s worked through the HIV/AIDS crisis, SARS, and the ongoing opioid crisis. But 11 months ago, just as COVID-19 was ramping up, he remembers one night specifically that marked a turning point for him: “The streets were getting empty, every call we went to there was now this extra step … Read More

PTSD and Me: A Short Story

It hit me like a tonne of bricks. Me? It’s not possible. I’m not in that bad of shape! Or am I? A wild range of emotions went surging through my body when the person sitting across from me told me that after all my testing was completed, I had a confirmed diagnosis of P.T.S.D. Initially, all I could do was stare. I had no words. Silence. To ease the moment, I stood and walked to the back of the … Read More

Development of a Reporting Process for Violence Against Paramedics

By Justin Mausz[1],2,3, ACP, PhD(c); Mandy Johnston1, ACP; and Elizabeth Donnelly3, NREMT, LICSW, PhD [1] Peel Regional Paramedic Services, Brampton, Ontario; 2 McMaster University, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact, Hamilton, Ontario; 3 The University of Windsor, School of Social Work, Windsor, Ontario, Canada Background Violence against paramedics is increasingly recognized as an important threat to workplace health and safety (1, 2). Cross-sectional research from around the world indicates that a concerning majority of paramedics have experienced some … Read More

Paramedic Mental Health: You are what you sleep

Introduction It’s no secret that shift work can alter and adversely affect the health and well-being of paramedics. Yet paramedics are increasingly getting less and less sleep. Studies show that people are now averaging six to seven hours of sleep per night which is on average two hours of sleep less per night than our counterparts from the 20th century. The root cause is multifaceted, however, social media, handheld devices, light pollution, and television are largely attributed to this change … Read More

The Tour Paramedic Ride: A Way to Remember

It all started with trip down into the United States to take part in the National EMS Memorial Ride to honour paramedics that have been injured or lost in the line of duty. Their version (commonly known as the Muddy Angels) was inspired as a result of 9/11. Seven Canadian paramedics took part in May of 2010 and their determination paved the way for our own yearly Canadian event, the Paramedic Ride (Tour Paramédic). We held our inaugural event in … Read More

4th Annual Georgian College Paramedic Research Day

On December 3rd, 2019 the Georgian College Paramedic Program (Barrie, ON) held its 4th annual student-led research day. As a component of the third semester in the primary care paramedic program students are required to complete and present a research project of their choice, approved by the course instructor. Students are responsible for developing their own independent research project from creating a question, through REB submission, to carrying out the study and data analysis. The course culminates with the presentation … Read More

It is raining on Mars: Paramedicine Clinical Simulation on Trial

First and foremost, I am a paramedic and a paramedicine educator. But last year I woke on Sol 12 of an immersive Mars mission simulation to observe small confined crews in a Mars analogue as the crew medical officer. But it was raining. While the crew members watched the rain from the habitat window somewhat perplexed, it began to sink in. Physically Mars has no atmosphere, therefore it does not rain on Mars. Any attempts of the crew members who … Read More

Case Study: Navigating Complex Palliative Care Calls in Rural Areas

Editors Note This article is meant to spark a discussion on a case that we may all face at one point or another. The article does not represent Canadian Paramedicine’s point of view nor that of its representatives. Feel free to send your opinion on the questions at the end of this article to and we will publish some of the answers received. The collision of poor family dynamics with the grind of prolonged caregiving puts the paramedic service … Read More

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