BY TYNE M. LUNN, SARAH LOGAN, MELANIE DOIRON, CHERYL CAMERON We acknowledge the original homelands of the many diverse First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples whose ancestors have walked this land since time immemorial. We are grateful to live, work and play on the traditional territories belonging to the First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples of Turtle Island. “It is a privilege to educate yourself about marginalization rather than experience it.” – Dr. Farha Shariff (intersectional feminist and antiracist educator) … Read More

Let’s Talk About POCUS

LET’S TALK ABOUT POCUS By Cristina D’Alessandro   POCUS Background Portable ultrasound is a burgeoning technol-ogy with unrealized potential at a critical point in its evolution 1. Now reaching its “tipping point” it is being rapidly assimilated into many medical specialties beyond radiology 2. The emergence of ultrasound, especially in its hand-held porta-ble form, carries unexplored theoretical poten-tial to alter clinical decision-making, improve time to perioperative care and enhance triage 1-3. Francis Galton first generated ultrasound waves in 1876, however … Read More

The Safety And Efficacy Of Morphine Vs. Fentanyl In The Pre-Hospital Setting: A Critically Appraised Topic

The Safety And Efficacy Of Morphine Vs. Fentanyl In The Pre-Hospital Setting: A Critically Appraised Topic By Dan Piquette, AEMCA, PCP Peel Regional Paramedic Services Brampton Introduction and Clinical Question Acute pain is a significant consequence of many medical conditions and is a common reason for ambulance system activation in many countries (1). In fact, in 2014 it was the number one reason for emergency depart-ment visits in the United States (2). There are many medications available for treating pain, … Read More


Fatigue is a legitimate and dangerous problem affecting many paramedics and first responders today. On November 1st, 2017 I began painting 100 paramedics portraits over 100 consecutive days. I initiated this journey with the intention of creating awareness surrounding the important issue of EMS fatigue. This project is nothing short of an artistic marathon, inducing fatigue in myself, to raise awareness about fatigue in the field of paramedicine. As soon as the project launched it quickly became evident what an … Read More

Interview: Lyle Blumhagen

Lyle Blumhagen has been the owner of Canadian Paramedicine for the last 30 years. He is now handing over the magazine to Gilbert Maraboto, an ACP of Wakaw, Saskatchewan. Gilbert will carry on with the important work he has done for the Paramedicine Community and to continue publishing this magazine. Gil has been a paramedic for over 20 years and holds a B. Sc. in Physics. Lyle first began as an editor in a farming magazine and transferred to Canadian … Read More

Paramedics: Life on the Line

For those who work in emergency health an average day is… well, average. But that same day for someone who has needed our service and care is unforgettable, with moments of shock, awe and gut-wrench; often, it’s one of the worst days of their lives. But for paramedics, emergency call takers and dispatchers, it’s just Tuesday. Or is it Wednesday..? Now, British Columbians are getting an up-close and personal view of what happens during the handling of real-life health emergencies … Read More

ITLS Mourns the Loss of Founder and President Dr. John Campbell

August 29, 2018 It is with tremendous sadness that International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) announces the passing of our founder and president, John Emory Campbell, MD, FACEP, of Alabama. Dr. Campbell passed away in his home on August 29, 2018 after a long illness. He was 75 years old. Known worldwide for his groundbreaking work in developing prehospital trauma education, Dr. Campbell founded the Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS) program in 1982. It was the first course and curriculum dedicated … Read More

Bath Regional Fire and Rescue in New Brunswick is the First in Atlantic Canada to Install the Zoll Autopulse

Delivers Consistent, High-quality Chest Compressions   June 7, 2018—CHELMSFORD, MASS.—ZOLL® Medical Corporation, an Asahi Kasei Group Company that manufactures medical devices and related software solutions, announced today that the Bath Regional Fire and Rescue Department is the first service among Canada’s four Atlantic provinces to install the AutoPulse® Resuscitation System. The AutoPulse helps to improve blood flow to the heart and brain during SCA because of the unique, high-quality chest compressions it generates. According to Stephen Armour, Bath Fire Chief, … Read More

The Aging Population in Canada: A Shift in Paramedic Services Delivery

By Ryan Brown MPH, PCP Those who work in paramedic services and heath care at large, are well aware of the challenges, and in many cases, crises posed by changing demographics in Canada today. It goes by many names, the Grey Tsunami, aging of the Baby Boomers, the epidemiologic shift or transition. Regardless of the label, the strain placed upon health care workers by a system that is not responsive to the needs of an aging population is felt in … Read More

Rural and Remote Paramedicine – Our Dirty Little Secret

Most of us just want to go through life without causing ourselves any extra work, worry or grief. So why on earth would smart people volunteer to work in Emergency Services in their own home town? Recent findings suggest rural ambulance paramedics are at particular risk for increased levels of fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression. The Issues Despite a large chunk of my career doing nothing but high risk neonatal, pediatric and maternity calls, a call from my ‘rural and … Read More

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