ON2019 – Editorial

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Oct./Nov. issue of Canadian Paramedicine. The editorial focus for this issue is Rural and Remote Paramedicine. Full disclosure … this is a topic that is of particular interest and importance to me. I grew up in a very rural East Central Alberta farming community, and after a 20-year hiatus living in Calgary, I’ve been a rural resident again, living in Drumheller, AB for the last 19 years. As such, I am acutely aware of the … Read More

FM2020 – Editorial

Obituary of Chris Skelton Chris “Bones” Skelton, 1953-2020. With his family by his side at St. Joseph’s Hospice in London, ON,  Chris “Bones” Skeleton passed away at the age of 66 on January 12, 2020. Beloved husband of Lou Ann. Father to Peter, Chris Jr and Lauren. Grandfather to James and Robert and brother to Tom. Chris will be fondly remembered by his second family Middlesex London Paramedic Service where he proudly served for 46 years. Chris was an amazing … Read More

JJ21 – Editorial

In June, we remember a movement that started on June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Inn police raid. Once a month, police collected  a bribe, “the gayola.” Because, obviously, it was illegal to sell alcohol to gays. During the raids, men dressed as women were arrested. If females were not wearing at least three pieces of women’s clothes, they were also arrested. On June 28, 1970, the first Gay Pride March happened in Chicago and Los Angeles. The following year Boston, … Read More

AM2021 – Guest Editorial

Guest Editorial By Cheryl Cameron and Tyne M. Lunn We acknowledge the traditional homelands of the many diverse First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples whose ancestors walked this land since time immemorial. In the spirit of reconciliation, we are learning to honor and celebrate the traditional territory of Turtle Island and are grateful for all peoples – Indigenous and non – who live, work and play on this land. This edition of Canadian Paramedicine magazine themed “Stronger Together” marks the … Read More

AS2021 – Guest Editorial

These past two months have been action-packed for us at Canadian Paramedicine. You are not only our readers but also our stakeholders in this adventure. Because of you, we continue to be in business and will continue to do so for many more decades to come. We’ve already begun to plan some of the content for the 50th anniversary! We have always been listening to our readers; however, it’s time for us to take a step back and review how … Read More

FM2021 – Editorial

In the beginning, our ancestors were ambulance drivers. They would load and go with no skills, except maybe for one: drive fast to deliver the precious cargo at the hospital as quickly as you can. Later the job started to be regulated, the schools accredited, and more skilled providers were on the streets. For reasons that I do not know, different levels were created, from EMT-B to Paramedic, and many more came later. I imagine that more are yet come. … Read More

DJ2021 – Editorial

We live in a world where we are bound by social rules. These rules evolved through years and now, we may find some obsolete, absurd or even inhumane. Rules like women being unable to vote, slavery, child exploitation, etc., are examples of the rules we left behind; some of these rules were in writing while some were unwritten rules; and these are the most difficult to erase from society. There is a generation that was educated with the premise that … Read More

ON2020 – Editorial

Someone said: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”.  I belong to an E.M.S. generation that lived in a time of evolution and change, and if you started your career about 20 years ago or so, you do too.  We moved from disc phones to mobile phones, polaroids and film cameras to digital, paper pictures to jpg. We also saw changes in E.M.S., devices came, and devices went; protocols changed, and new ones were created while others were buried … Read More

AS2020 – Editorial

In my 20+ years in EMS, I’ve had the fortune of working on all types of settings, urban, rural, remote, sports, industrial and even on a motorcycle, days, nights or mixed shifts; this allowed me to experience the different challenges in every one of them. Even though Mexico City is 100% an urban setting, the traffic during rush hours, anytime between 0600 and 2100 hours, will make your response times as long as any rural settings; in the same way, … Read More

JJ2020 – Editorial

We have all been taught one way of doing things, and a few years later, we are told there is an update in the protocol and that things are now done differently. It is part of being a paramedic, and it is part of our responsibility to continue learning.Paramedicine is a science that has been evolving over the last decades to help guarantee that our patients have the best care and the best possibilities of surviving with a good quality … Read More

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