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New Manager

When I first had this idea, I asked several people whom I respect what they thought about interviewing a Paramedic Manager and sharing those perspectives with our readers. The people that I spoke to felt that maybe if I interviewed a manager on their way out that I might get some honest answers, but they all felt that that Managers are afraid to speak out for fear of retribution. A significant issue for those who are not protected by a … Read More


In recognition of his accomplishments, Dr. Greg Powell, co-founder of STARS, has been awarded the Alberta Order of Excellence (AOE), the highest honour the Province of Alberta can bestow on a citizen. “There’s a surreal sense of ‘how did this happen to me?’ ” said Dr. Powell. “It triggers huge feelings of humility and gratitude to the people who were committed to get something done. I’m blessed to be the person who gets to receive this award on behalf of … Read More

EMS World Expo 2021

From Oct 4th to 8th in Atlanta, Georgia, the EMS World expo gathered 4,000 people. Canadian Paramedicine was there to check the latest in prehospital care and new products in the market. The EMS World expo offered the trade show, masterclasses, and conferences from experts in EMS; attendees also enjoyed visiting the Trauma Centre and riding along with the local EMS agency. The sim lab offered experiences like the dissection of a heart and a cadaver lab to practice skills … Read More

Crisis Communication

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to crises across multiple spheres, and this has often caused panic or confusion, prompting behaviors that exhaust resources and spread infection. The pandemic has also changed the way businesses and organizations operate, including how they communicate with employees and other stakeholders [1]. It stands to reason that the need for communication is more than usual in a time of crisis. However, there is a delicate balance between addressing the individual’s communication needs and overwhelming … Read More

Rural or Urban? Doesn’t Matter in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has 651,900 square kilometres with a population, in 2017, of  1,174,000 people; Half of the population is almost evenly distributed between Regina and Saskatoon, the rest of it is spread in roughly 435,000 square kilometres (1); this area is covered by 105 ground ambulance services, air ambulance and STARS. According to Statistics Canada, The term “urban” was used intuitively for a concentration of population at high density or a population of at least 1,000 and a density of 400 … Read More