Let’s Talk About POCUS

LET’S TALK ABOUT POCUS By Cristina D’Alessandro   POCUS Background Portable ultrasound is a burgeoning technol-ogy with unrealized potential at a critical point in its evolution 1. Now reaching its “tipping point” it is being rapidly assimilated into many medical specialties beyond radiology 2. The emergence of ultrasound, especially in its hand-held porta-ble form, carries unexplored theoretical poten-tial to alter clinical decision-making, improve time to perioperative care and enhance triage 1-3. Francis Galton first generated ultrasound waves in 1876, however … Read More

The Evolution of the Paramedic

Introduction The role of the paramedic is one that is rapidly evolving, across many countries. Demands placed on health services, offload delays, cuts to budgets, increased expectations from the general public and an increasing older population all place the paramedic profession at a crossroads in its development. Paramedicine has yet to figure out where it belongs. Does it belong in public safety? Does it belong in healthcare? The road less travelled requires the paramedic profession to be pursue identity as … Read More

Training For Attendants Available In September (1978)

For the first time, an emergency medical training course, recently approved by Northern College, will be offered north of Sudbury to ambulance attendants to improve emergency services in the north and to bring these in line with those in southern Ontario. Because provincial legislation requires that all ambulance employees hired after August 1977 must study an Emergency Medical Care Attendant (EMCA) course at a community college to make them comparable to a paramedic, Northern College has agreed to sponsor such … Read More

World Mental Health Day

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This year’s World Mental Health Day falls on a moment where the entire planet’s style of life has changed considerably as a result of COVID-19. We’ve all had to adapt to the many facets this virus has gone through. Starting with a complete unknown of how it worked, leading to a full lockdown of many countries’ liberties and reaching a new “normality” in different parts of the world, as the media has called it. At first, the greatest threat this … Read More

World Patient Safety Day

Words by: Alejandro Olryd Let’s face it. We’ve all done it. It’s our dirty little secret and we hope no one notices but we’ve all been there. I’m talking about clumsiness with patients. You know, you stand up to get the monitor and trip on their feet, forget to strap them in properly, walk too fast while moving them on the stretcher… and a myriad of other things that every single one of us has done at some point of … Read More

Suicide Prevention Day 2020

Suicide Prevention Day   There are few more deafening sounds than that left behind by a partner; lost to suicide. Every 40 seconds that sound is heard somewhere in the world, according to the WHO who estimates around 800,000 people take their own lives every year. It is considered a global pandemic by many governments. But those numbers only represent the people who carry it out and are successful in their attempt. In the US alone it is estimated that … Read More

National Air Ambulance Week 2020

Let’s meet Jake. Jake is an avid cyclist who likes to go for rides early in the morning between the different towns in Saskatchewan. One day while on his ride a deer runs in front of him and he swerves his bike to avoid it, crashing into a post on the side of the road. He is thrown off his bike and lands on the pavement with a broken femur, a broken wrist and serious head trauma. His day is … Read More

Interview: Lyle Blumhagen

Lyle Blumhagen has been the owner of Canadian Paramedicine for the last 30 years. He is now handing over the magazine to Gilbert Maraboto, an ACP of Wakaw, Saskatchewan. Gilbert will carry on with the important work he has done for the Paramedicine Community and to continue publishing this magazine. Gil has been a paramedic for over 20 years and holds a B. Sc. in Physics. Lyle first began as an editor in a farming magazine and transferred to Canadian … Read More