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Apps for Paramedics

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New and noteworthy Apps for Paramedics


Angela Anderson


Ten years ago would you believe us if we said you would be able to follow the latest CPR guidelines on your smart phone? What if we said you could schedule a fleet using your pocket device? Access basic life support guidelines by the touch of a button, anywhere? With technology allowing us to do pretty much anything on our devices, there really is no excuse for not having the information we all require to do our jobs at our fingertips.

Whether you have all the latest apps in your mobile toolbox, or you are just starting to look at a smart phone, we are outlining the top apps for paramedics here for you.



St John Ambulance First Aid
Available on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

While you all know first aid and CPR like the back of your hand, there could come a time when a situation may leave you blanked out – perhaps it’s a tragedy you never thought possible – perhaps it’s just that last call on a long shift and you’re exhausted. This app includes quick first aid advice and protocols for dealing with emergency situations.

EZ Shift
Available for iPhone

Shift work can be tough to manage sometimes – especially if the schedule is changing all the time. EZ Shift was developed by North City to help paramedics stay on top of their work schedule. Features include a calendar, shift swap notes, reminders, work contacts, vacation time, overtime log, training schedules, calls and an incident journal and an alarm clock.


Available for iPhone and iPod Touch

Features all the information the EMS Field Guide, first published in 1986 by Informed Publishing, includes. This company is located in the states, however it could provide a reference for many of the situations Canadian paramedics come across.

These are two apps designed for entry-level to intermediate-level, and intermediate paramedics and EMTs and is updated with the latest cardiac arrest and CPR guidelines from the American Heart Association.



EMS Guidebook
Available for iPhone and iPad

Many paramedic services have their own guide books paramedics carry around to refer to while on calls. This app was developed to attempt to replace paper, and create a searchable app containing two parts: protocol data for specific agencies, and a collection of tools useful to EMS while on calls.

Tools included:

  • Drug dose calculator
  • Vitals recorder
  • Glasgow coma score calculator
  • APGAR calculator

While the tools may be useful, the app currently only has protocols available for a handful of agencies in the United States, but they do have a set of generic protocols available. Perhaps it could inspire those in Canada to delve into the app development world and create a similar app for their own service.


Paramedic Protocol Provider
Available for iPhone and iPad

This app provides access via a smart phone to over 300 field treatment protocols from the U.S. Canada, U.K. and Ireland.

Features include

  • 300-plus protocols
  • Search titles and text where possible
  • Favourites tab
  • Access to multiple different protocol sets for multi-jurisdictional practitioners at no extra cost
  • Customizable hospital contact information and mapping
  • Customizable notes for each entry

ECG Challenge

Available for iPhone and iPad

Sharpen your ECG interpretation skills with this app that contains over 150 clinically obtained ECGs. The app includes clinical presentations of ECGs and a ‘hint’ feature.

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