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Canadian Paramedicine Magazine has reshaped the advertising world for EMS. It has gained over 30,000 subscribers country wide, and is directly connected with Canada’s top key-decision makers within Paramedicine. 

Our mission is to generate quality advertising for companies selling to EMS providers and add value through science-based articles within our magazine to help educate and support our readers.

Canadian Paramedicine is the only magazine within Canada that  caters to both EMS Providers and companies selling EMS services/products. As a result, Canadian Paramedicine Magazine gives a unique opportunity for both subscriber and advertiser by connecting two worlds through engaging and science-based articles. 

Introducing the official Magazine for EMS in Canada “Canadian Paramedicine”

Canadian Paramedicine Magazine helps Companies who sell Paramedic Products/Services Advertise to the Right Customers All Across Canada so these companies can reach desired audiences without a doubt.

  • Canadian Paramedicine Magazine is published every 2 months.
  • All rates are per print.
  • Reach every key decision maker within Paramedicine in Canada so your company can deliver to the right people directly and efficiently.


  •  Advertised in a novelty magazine so your company can have a professional approach to its marketing compared to online platforms.


  • In addition to the physical magazine copy, customers have a digital version for easy access to company website links which helps them reach your product/service faster.


  • Magazine is distributed in a physical and digital form so your advertisement is easily accessible to customers and leaves no room for confusion.


  • Physical Copies of written advertisements allow customers to review and remember information better than when scrolling through social media that grabs attention for seconds.

What you’re getting is invaluable…

Your jaw will drop when you google search the average price of advertising in top selling magazines…⏬

Search “How expensive is it to advertise in a magazine?”

For a top selling national magazine, It can cost $200 000 – $700 000!

Canadian Paramedicine charges a tiny fraction of that price for the same value! It…

  • Is a national magazine
  • Has intentional readers looking for ambulance equipment and subscriptions.
  • Reaches top key-decision makers within paramedicine in Canada!
  • The only national paramedicine magazine in Canada!

What we won’t charge you! …see in red!

The price that you get!

We’re so excited to offer these discounts!

  • Get 10% off when you purchase 7 prints in the next 14 days
  • Get 5% off when you purchase 4 prints in the next 14 days
  • When you renew a purchase get 50% off a single print!
  • If you are a new advertiser get a single free 1/6th page ad in our magazine!
  • Act now because there is only 1 spot per section! 
    • Example: The Outside Back Cover!
  • First Come First Serve! 
  •  When the 14 days are up, the time sensitive bonuses will disappear indefinitely!

Canadian Paramedicine Magazine wants to make it easy and accessible for you to advertise! 

That’s why we’ve given you the opportunity to get an even better price with our bonuses…

We don’t want you to miss out on what we have to offer!

  • Reach a targeted audience including paramedics, emergency medical dispatchers, educators, and researchers!
  • Share your message internationally!
  • Contribute to the ongoing education and development of best practices within the paramedic industry!
  • Reap the benefits of frequent and consistent advertisements!
  • Engage with an audience that values new research, program reviews, and insights into the paramedic industry!

We are so excited for you to join our community!

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  5. Let the magic happen and see your beautiful feature in our magazine along with every other subscriber!


Canadian Paramedicine Magazine has an intentional audience unlike social media following. People who subscribe to the magazine are paying to have access to your advertising, which means they are already thinking about your products/services. It’s great to have a following on social media, but those followers will need a lot more persuasion to buy your product then subscribers will to a trusted magazine.

Marketing is never a guarantee for any business ever, but it is a strategic way of going about sales. The odds are in your favor when you consider all of the benefits such as intentional audience, product aware customers, wide range of advertising all across Canada, and the list goes on. So keep in mind that your chances of making a profit are significantly higher than if you just posted to your socials. 

Your advertising is reaching subscribers all across Canada! Your ads are also reaching an audience that is aware of their need for your products. They are subscribing to a magazine in order to be informed of the latest and newest innovations within EMS. They are also subscribing to the ONLY national EMS magazine so your competition is low.

When you consider other national magazines that sell advertising for upwards of $200 000 then you reconsider that spending $20 000 for similar benefits is a no brainer. Every company has a budget to allocate every year and it’s up to you to decide if that service or product is worth the big $. Today you have learned the core benefits of Canadian Paramedicine Magazine and have weighed each pro + con to your advantage. Now it is your decision to invest in your company with a trusted source or to let that opportunity go. If you let it go, then you miss out on great coverage all across Canada and potentially beyond! It is a client focused magazine with an intentional audience that is more than likely to make you $20 000 x more!

This can happen with high desirable placements like the Outside Back/Front Cover and we have a first come first serve basis. If you want something similar, we can look at what’s available and find an option that best fits your needs.

  • We have monthly payment options for our regular pricing and for discounted bundles!
  • The audience you reach through Canadian Paramedicine is very intentional. It reaches the right readers so that you don’t have to worry about multiple forms of advertising. In addition, the magazine has both digital and physical versions which make it easy for the subscriber to read about your company. The digital version includes links as well so that the reader can easily find your website! Social Media is a great place to engage with your audience and the combination of both magazine and social media, will be great for your business! However, the difference in both audiences is that the magazine is a novelty group of people with interests alike that already pay for a subscription. These people are interested in your products for their own businesses and to see how they can best support their staff! See the difference? You will be serving a “very aware audience” such as every EMS business owner and subscriber by showing them what you have to offer! You will also be able to see your competing companies and what they are selling to the same audience.