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The August / September 2021 Edition of Canadian Paramedicine features quite a few articles that are sure to grasp your interest.

Join Steve Whitfield and Ali Rengers in discussing one of the most typical problems paramedics face during shifts: Lunch.

During these troubled times, Global Medic has been up to many good things. Read Dayna’s report on how Global Medic is helping Canada.

Chris Farnady offers a new perspective on addiction. We usually feel that it is a substant abuse issue, but what if there is more to it than that? Read this article to view this through a different lens.

After many months in incognito, Becky Donelon writes for us again, dealing with the hardships and responsibilities of ambulance preceptors. Are we doing things right when it comes to teaching in the back of the ambulance?

Blair Bigham shares with us his point of view on social media and paramedics. Should we be two different people on the job?

B.T. Murray continues to astound us with his field experience, this time as an ambulance preceptor (perfect to pair up with Becky!)

And as always, Ron Oswald will get your gears turning with this edition’s quiz on the Glasgow Coma Scale. Will you score a perfect 15 or a troublesome 3?

But wait? Are you too busy to read the magazine? No problem! Head on over to our Podcast to listen to this month’s articles!

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Women in Canadian Paramedicine: 2021

This edition of Canadian Paramedicine magazine themed “Stronger Together” marks the third annual installment of “Women in Canadian Paramedicine.” Since 2019, the April/May issue has been an opportunity for strategically curated content and often challenging and uncomfortable discussions.

Women in Canadian Paramedicine 2020

Welcome, we are pleased to once again bring forward articles and discussion, the voices of change, to the profession’s understanding and commitment to praxis of diversity and inclusion in paramedicine practice and leadership. 

Women in Canadian Paramedicine 2019

Welcome to a special issue of Canadian Paramedicine magazine. The theme for this issue is Women In Paramedicine: Past, Present and Future. The content of this issue was authored entirely by women involved in Canadian paramedicine, from sundry different roles and  perspectives.

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