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In the October / November 2021 Edition of Canadian Paramedicine, we are proud and excited to introduce a new column spearheaded by Charlene Vacon that will focus on the Opioid Crisis across Canada.
We also welcome Julia and Sasy to this edition with an article about the importance of self-care as a First Responder and what you can do to lower your work stress.
As always, we thank Chris Farnady and Ron Oswald for their constant articles and quizzes that help keep us interested and up to date on everyday paramedical issues.
From the other side of the world, we, once again, have a featured article by Steve and Ali on the Paramedic Wellbeing Series. This one focuses on “You are what you think.”
We also have a few articles on Fox Flight and STARS (thank you, Deborah, for your constant support!)
Alejandro delivers a compelling article on the relationship between PTSD and Burnout Syndrome (Compassion Fatigue) from a mental health perspective.
And lastly, our very own Publisher, Gilbert, attended the EMS World Expo in Atlanta and shares a quick summary of the most exciting booths and conferences with us.
We hope you enjoy reading this edition as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

But wait? Are you too busy to read the magazine? No problem! Head on over to our Podcast to listen to this month’s articles!

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